French Polynesia

26. March to 17. April 2014 Franz. Polynesia

As our flight arrived a clock at night in Tahiti and we pay for this short night no night wanted, we looked for a quiet place in the airport where we unrolled our camping mats and a few hours to 6 Clock early then dozed until the first tourists noisily for their flight to LA at the check in desk assembled. Somewhat recovered, we gave our bags to a luggage storage switch from, changed money and went shopping for the first two islands. The prices have not somehow have described us as shocked how travelers like us. Probably, since we got our bearings in Chilean and Swiss prices. We bought a lot of staple food, wie Pasta, Travel, Butter, Jam, Milch etc. What turned out to be unnecessary in retrospect, because we had better be buying vegetables and fruits. There was actually not even have to buy onions on Maupiti, let alone salad or tomato.

At noon we flew ca. 50min with Air Tahiti to Maupiti where we got off the propeller plane from above the incredibly beautiful lagoons in the islands of Bora Bora, Huahine Raiatea and could admire. But the approach to Maupiti our breath away. The sight of this little island with its mountain and the surrounding coral reef was simply unreal beautiful. The incredible blue tones, which merge in turquoise and mix with the white sand beaches and then a toast with the deep green of the forest. 15min boat ride later we were on the main island where we were already expected. Manu, our hostess showed us the huge kitchen and our nice room where we felt immediately at ease. With the rented bicycles we made on us, to explore the island. In 30 minutes you have a comfortable ride circling the island where virtually every resident with a flower in her hair or a freshly baked Paquet a nice greets in his hand and beckoning with you actually encountered a single tourist.

There is an incredibly serene and cozy atmosphere. Südseefeeling pur! Approximately sold around the island locals freshly caught tuna, so we treated ourselves to a big fillet of red tuna and went from a delicious Ceviche. The mountain we could not leave out of course and started already at eight clock early with the rise, what has already turned out to be too late. It was unbearably hot and we were already drenched in sweat after 10 minutes. Although only 280 Height meters were to defeat, we were to climb shortly before the collapse, and the last piece had. What was offered to us at the summit is to offer beauty hardly. The lagoon with its hundreds of shades of blue, the sandbanks, palm-fringed motus, the village with the small church is just beautiful. These were two huge manta rays observed the cozy covered their laps.

On Maupiti the day begins at five clock. We wanted to buy bread at seven clock, but this is already sold out at this time! Well, the name was then for us to get up earlier, but this here is not a problem, because the people here to 20:00 Clock go to sleep already and it already to 5:30 Clock is bright.

Behind our hotel we were able to swim a few hundred meters until you reach a knee-deep sandbar hits and you can wade to the next small island. We suddenly walked along the beach where a boat in our direction drove. At first we thought it might be the owner of the island and he wanted to send us away, but they asked only what we do here now, and if we want to come fish for snorkeling and mussels. Apparently they had pity on us, because we are so far a walk, because no one here is only ten meters on foot. Since taking the scooter or car, which is reflected sadly on the massive body fullness of most residents. They showed us how to collect the colored shells and then we went into the knee-deep water in the sand "Lighthouses" look for. A primeval, about. 20-30cm large beast cancer, which seem to taste better than any lobster. A very difficult task, because you have to look out for small holes in the sand hold into which "something" quickly withdraws.

Sabrina seemed to have a good eye for it and actually discovered two. It then inserts a stick with more barbs and bait it into the hole and wait until the cancer "anbeisst" and the stick into the hole moves. Then you have to jerk the stick out of the hole pull so that the barbs caught in Cancer. Unfortunately, we had little luck or talent for it and had to leave empty-handed when it was dark. We were at the boat operator, the headmaster of the island, invited to dinner. He actually served us the valuable Faros. Saute in butter with garlic. We have never eaten such a delicious crustacean, as lobster tastes really boring on the other hand. He served us actually even, for "Comparison". It was then still a specialty served from the Marquesas Islands. Wound dried bananas in banana leaves to a sausage. For this purpose he gave us a huge collar vanilla pod goodbye, are to be the best in the world.

We actually rarely so kind and welcoming people encountered as on this island. Auch Manu, the owner of our hotel gave us every day something, such as bread, homemade banana bread, Bananas or grapefruit from the garden. There a lot of us very hard to take off this island and its inhabitants farewell. Just before the airport cottage located on a beautiful beach. Simply unreal.

Our next stop was Bora Bora. An island, of the likely everyone has heard before. Luxury, rich people, Stars etc. And you can squander the sum of our annual budget here in a few days if you want to. Actually doing here countless celebrities vacation here, because they have their rest here, because the Polynesians do not give a whit about whether to get an "Star" treated or not. "Brad Pritt? Characteristic not I. And even if." The setting we like. :)
Since we already three years ago in Franz. Polynesia have been and have omitted this island. Did we have seen this island just once. The lagoon is really beautiful but everything else just outrageously expensive. We wanted to circumnavigate the island on bicycles, but they were almost twice as expensive as in Maupiti. So we let it remain, snorkeled in the lagoon and enjoyed as the only guests the beautiful cottage on the beach.

After three days, which also ranged here for us, they went on to Rangiroa. Ein Atoll (Coral Ring) with the second largest lagoon in the world, which belongs to the archipelago of the Tuamotus, where all the islands are atolls. In contrast to the approximately. 2 Flight hours away which Tahiti Society Islands, Moorea, Maupiti etc are, which consist of a large mountainous main island with surrounding coral reef. Caused it by a volcano from the sea heaved up, extinguished and therefore formed a large coral reef. Through erosion, the island is getting smaller and the reef continues to grow until the island has completely disappeared and only a ring of coral remains, like all the islands of the Tuamotu Archipelago. The thus are much older than the Society Islands. Rangiroa is said to have lifted by its size at least 2000m from the sea, with rivers and forests. So the big Tiputa Pass explained, a large, deep opening in the reef, where the water flows with tremendous force according to the tides in and out of the lagoon.

Most creatures take these "Entrance" in the Lagoon, which concentrated enormous biodiversity here in one place. That makes this place very interesting for divers. What we are come here also. But first we had to take care of a property, because here we have reserved nothing, because either no one has answered or it was too expensive. We thought, since we were here once before three years ago, to ask the owner of the property from the last time, whether he knows someone with a budget accommodation. Unfortunately, he was not to be found at the airport, but a friend of his, we again recognized immediately.

We told him about our plans and he told us, Michel was the guest must leave unfortunately, but he owned a large house in which we should live, he would take us with him guaranteed, he said with a laugh. Well so probably it was not us, just settle down with him ... We were even up to Michel his house down where he immediately knew us but we made it clear he had unfortunately no place there are school holidays and children occupied all the beds. He showed us a place in his garden where we can put our tent.

The large bathroom and kayaks are available to us free and he gave us fresh towels and the meals we were invited, therefore we should not worry us. That was all just not quite us, also because he had to cook for an eleven persons. But we could say what we wanted, he would not allow valid. He cook either way for eleven, whether now do eat thirteen of which no difference. And we should feel at home and he was sorry, that all the beds were occupied ... During dinner many us almost the eyes out of his head when we saw how much is eaten here! 5kg Spaghetti und reduces. 4 complete chickens were destroyed. Ok, 7 Young people can properly eat what, but what was devoured here was like a big canteen. 500g Nutella for 10.- CHF was not even enough for two days! The next day we drove Michel to the oldest dive shop on the island. We were a little worried whether this is a good idea, because the dive shop looked old and run down.

When we told Michel, dass Ives Lefevre, the founder of the base, since the 1983 up here, cares about us, We agreed. Just the two and Ives as a guide completed the first dive at Tiputa Pass. As we have already dipped here, we knew roughly what to expect, but to dive with Ives was different, so incredibly quiet and interested. So we were able to observe a hunting swordfish, an incredibly rare spectacle, for Ives. For this purpose we visited the local dolphins here, we emerged through a huge school Barracudas, sighted countless sharks and were lucky enough to meet two huge manta rays.

Knappe 80min took the dive, a really long time, what depth were concerned. It was only when we sat still for tea with Ives together, dawned on us, that he is a well known diver, is already immersed everywhere and also participated in various marine conservation projects and active in various TV documentaries hat.Leider he had to depart early in the afternoon to India, where he will lead an expedition. But Franc, his representative was a great guide and we dived at least 75min until the bottles were almost completely empty. That was the last time unfortunately not the case, since the major dive centers must make a profit and to meet the schedule.

They shorten the dives and dive in larger groups. For us a lesson, as this time to choose smaller dive shops, nevertheless respect the safety. One evening cooked Pascale, also a guest of Michel, braised lamb shanks, which are incredibly expensive here. We could not accept this and bought the dessert for all, 4.5kg of vanilla ice cream for incredible 35.- CHF... And we could not believe it ... In 5 little war dieser Topf learning! After four days of fun and four world-class dives we said goodbye to Michel, his wife and the kids and flew 20 minutes to the next island, Tikehau.

There we were already expected and driven to the hotel. Bungalows right on a beautiful beach where dozens of blacktip and rays cruised around. We were able to cook again and enjoyed so lazy four days and snorkel. Where we were invited by the owner to a delicious dinner and snorkeling tour. One evening, as we watched the sharks at the small jetty, we saw a big black spot to swim to us was always greater. We could not believe it almost, but it was a huge Manta Rays of cozy circled in our bay. So I quickly ran into the room and grabbed our snorkel gear and back into the water! It was worth it. We could scarce two hours alone swim away with this gentle animal only an arm's length, said a little later, a second joined to, until we the next day they were presented by the emerging darkness from the eyes verloren.Aber still here and we took every opportunity to swim with them, an incredible experience, how these animals behave and interact with one.

After four days "Strandferien" followed another island, Moorea, where we for the first time "Couchsurfing" tried. This offer millions of members on an Internet platform their couch or spare bed for one night free. In return, they offered his couch or bed home for visitors. Of course, one must not take any, it is a free wen you record at his home. We had already arranged with our host a meeting on the ferry to Moorea and so brought us the established Isa to their cute house with large garden, where we could pitch our tent. Many of her friends went into the house and out and we met so many interesting people. We went with them to the beach or spend a lazy day on the porch. The dinner was always very straightforward, from and neighbors came to visit and each contributed something at, wie Salate, Cake or entire meals.

The get around on the island works great simply hitchhiking and you never have to wait long until you will be taken. The days on this beautiful island flew by and so we had to be back soon say goodbye to the nice people. In Tahiti we could again "couchsurfen" in a small family. Actually, the stark contrast to "chaotic" Isa in Moorea. We had our own room with a huge ensuite and front of the house a pool. Sandra is the Finance Minister of Polynesia and Mederick her husband physics teacher, their twelve year old daughter would like in Tokyo at an art college. Tahiti itself we did not particularly like, because the island resembles a city, with morning and evening traffic jams etc. So we spent a little rainy last day in Polynesia in the beautiful home of our "hosts".

After 23 Days in paradise islands, it was said goodbye to this cozy atmosphere and the so-hospitable people. Although we had been here three years ago we were this time extremely close to the locals be and might thus participate in their life. Although our French is not just shone. But we can already look forward to the next South Pacific island, the Cook Islands.

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